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Rules & Regulations

According to the university regulation the students must attend 75% of all classes.

Students are expected to be punctual to the classes and all college activities.

It is not enough to be physically present in the class. Students must maintain discipline in the class.

Students must also attend all College Functions and Activities.

It goes without saying that no other commitment should be undertaken during the regular timings of the college classes and activities.

  • The student name is liable to be dropped from the rolls, if she/he is absent continuously for more than 10 day swithout leave.
  • Use of mobile phones within the College building is strictly prohibited and they should be on switched off mode.
  • Students are adviced to come to the college in simple and modest dress, befitting an institution of higher learning or advised from time to time.
  • The College has well maintained Library every student isexpected to make the best use of it while observing the library rules fully.
  • Students will always have the college identity card around the neck in the college premises.
  • No visitors of students are allowed during lectures.
  • No meeting should be held in the college premises without the principal permission, except to go home after the lecture are over.
  • Ragging is a criminal offense and those found indulging in, will face immediate expulsion and legal action.
  • Any offence regarding gender discrimination, eve-teasing, direspectful acts or words will be dealt with severely and may lead to desmissal from the college.
  • No student shall come to college under influence of any intoxicant anf if found, serious disciplinary action will be taken.
  • No student shall be found chewing tobacco products or any such kind in the college premises.
  • One of the speciality of Ascent College is its large campus. No student shall mistake the campus for a park and behave in an improper way.
  • Students changing their residence or their parents mobile number must inform the college office without delay.
  • No photocopies of certificates will be provided to the students for any purpose from the college office.
  • If the student have any complaints with regard to fellow or teachers or administrator, she/he should register their complaints through the various forms provided by the college such as Suggestion Box, Teachers, Co-ordinators, Grievance Cell, Principal.